Supportive Services for the Elderly

As you, or your loved one, ages it becomes more critical than ever to monitor health status closely and engage in stimulating and clinically-supervised activities in a safe and friendly environment.  Whether it is for someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s; a person rehabilitating from a stroke; look no further than LifeCircles Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), right here in Muskegon and northern Ottawa Counties!



Independent Living with Support

LifeCircles PACE provides an alternative to traditional senior care services by     allowing an individual in need of skilled nursing care to continue living in their home or community setting and receive quality health care and support services on-site at our facility, located at 560 Seminole Road in Muskegon at Tanglewood Park.  LifeCircles PACE also provides support services at the participant’s home for those with additional needs, this may include an in-home aide to assist with housekeeping or personal care, delivery of meals for days the participant will not be at LifeCircles, and take-home meals to supplement on the days they are on-site.



Unprecedented Level of Networked Medical SupporMedicalStafft

LifeCircles PACE provides through our PACE Center or referred providers all health care needs for enrolled participants, including dental, prescriptions, vision, physical and speech therapy, all medical care, and needed in-home support services.  This all-inclusive model alleviates the participant’s financial burden for medical care and in the process improves compliance and healthy outcomes.  The cost for the program is funded by each participant’s Medicaid/Medicare benefit.  Participants may be responsible for costs of PACE/medical services that are unauthorized or provided by physicians/practitioners who are not a part of our network, except in an emergency.